Superb car service from Port Jacksonville


Port of Jacksonville or as it is shortly called JAXPORT is one of the newest ports in the United States and the third biggest port in Florida. It is an important cargo i.e. import and export center, but also a major station for cruise ships, particularly Carnival cruise line. This means that this port is one of Florida’s main tourist points as well as business centers.

The closest airport to JAXPORT is, of course, Jaxonville airport with only about half an hour of driving. This makes it incredibly convenient to just fly at the local JAX airport in case you are embarking on a cruise. Still, even short distance travels like these can become stressful during peak seasons like holidays or big important events. Once the ship has finished its cruise or the plane has landed, most people will be rushing in the same direction creating crowds and traffic.

This is where our Port Jacksonville limo service shows its true potential – you can get safe and reliable transportation to and from JAXPORT any time of day all year round.


When you fly to Jacksonville with just one goal in mind – to board your cruise boat at JAXPORT, our limo service will help you reach your destination with a minimum of stress. As soon as you land, our limo is already parked and our chauffeur is holding a sign with your name, ready to greet you as soon as you pass the luggage claim. He will assist you with bags and make sure you are comfortable and safe in the backseat of our luxurious limousine. You will reach your cruise terminal in no time. When you return to Jacksonville from your sailing adventure, you can book our service again and make sure you reach JAX airport without any problems.

You can book our port limo service from any other spot in Jacksonville and all other airports in cities like Orlando, Kissimmee and Gainesville.


Jacksonville Port is a big business hub that generates some $19 billion dollars every year and employs more than half a million people. With crucial imports like coal, coffee and paper, It should be no surprise that hundreds of business meetings are held around its docks. If you ever need a door-to-door transportation to a meeting or a whole day roadshow Jacksonville limo service – we will be there to provide you with a transfer you can rely on at all times.

We offer a wide range of limousines from sedans to luxury vans – they will fit your every need and our staff will make sure our service is always perfectly tailored to your requirements.


It does not make a difference to us whether you are traveling to and from JAXPORT for business or for private reasons – we take our job just as seriously and we want you to make the most out of your time. You can count on our Florida limo service for your long distance travel from Port of Jacksonville as well as your quick transfers to the local office or your home.

Our goal was to offer you the best limo service in Florida and to make the booking as easy as possible. You can book in a few clicks via the form on our First Florida Limo Service homepage or by dialing our phone. The limousine you asked for will be at your service as soon as the payment is received.

Experience the ultimate comfort of travel in our Jacksonville limo service no matter if it’s a few minutes or an hours-long ride.