There is no better way to travel from Florida to Louisiana than in one of our comfy limousines

Driving from Florida to the State of Louisiana in the Deep South region would take around 13 hours. If you want to leave the professionals to handle this challenging task for you, we are more than ready for the mission.

Choosing a plane for long-distance travel is not an option for numerous people and that is where we come to the scene. We consistently offer our reliable and outstanding service and one more time, we are proud to share it with all of you. No matter if you travel alone, with a friend or whole family, we are ready to give you our full attention. Our team is at your disposal ready to assist you with anything you need.


Together, we will cross around 840 miles traveling from Florida to Louisiana. It is in our best interest to provide the safest and most exquisite vehicles for this purpose. Among our usual first-class fleet, you can find Lincoln and Cadillac SUVs and sedans, Mercedes Grand sedan, Cadillac Escalade Limo, and others.

All of the vehicles are adequate for short and long distances. Equipped with WiFi, DVD player, Air-Conditioning, and comfortable leather seats, we made sure to provide some good time. The vehicles are routinely checked, sanitized, and carefully cleaned after and before every single ride. We can always guarantee that the cleanliness and technical performances of the vehicle are impeccable.

Your fellow companion-the driver is a highly professional skilled individual who will make sure to help you with anything you need. We’ve carefully chosen the best of the best to share the same priority with us – providing the supreme service for each customer. It is their personal goal for you to be at the desired destination on time. That is why they provide a ride that is enjoyable and adapted to your wishes.


Whatever your starting and ending points in this Florida to Louisiana interstate journey are, we are going to make it happen. You should just make sure to book your limo at least 24 hours before the trip so we can arrange everything perfectly as usual. Since we love to surprise our clients, we offer a 10% discount for the first-time customer’s return trip. Every time.

If you are one of the many visitors to the vibrant city of New Orleans, you want to get there fresh, energized, and ready to have a great time. If you travel from Miami to New Orleans, the drive lasts for about 12 hours. Our drivers make sure that you have all the privacy and peace you need while aboard. You can sleep soundly giving us your full trust because we never disappoint. The same rule stands for business travelers. Our drivers know exactly how to provide a working-in-peace setting. That is why we seem to be a corporate traveler’s first choice.

What about a family trip from Orlando to Baton Rouge or the famous Christmas parade in New Orleans? We can make sure that your children don’t feel unbearable boredom when on a 13 hours trip. Together we select the most suitable stops and points of interest that you want to make along the way.


Whenever you need to take a long-distance trip, we are ready for you. Make sure to provide all the details when making a reservation on our website www.firstfloridalimo.com. Step by step form is easy to fill in allowing you to design a perfect ride for yourself.  In case you need our help and assistance, do not hesitate and call us now (352) 229-8758 or write. You can always ask a question using our chatbox!