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Homecoming Limo Service for Gainesville FL

Gainesville is the home of the University of Florida, which includes sixteen colleges and more than 150 research institutes. This means that things can get pretty busy during the late September or early October on this 2000 acres’ campus, due to many homecoming activities surrounding the central events. We believe this can be a perfect opportunity to hire a luxury limo in Gainesville and take a well-deserved place under the spotlight. Having in mind the importance of the homecoming tradition precisely here in Gainesville, we have particularly devised the homecoming limo service for all former students seeking the comfort and glamour for one such occasion.

And with the First Florida Limo, safety always comes first and this is not just an empty phrase. While we heartily encourage our clients to have a great time and seize the day (and night!), we, on the other hand are uncompromisingly sticking to no drink and drive policy, which means that we offer an utmost comfort and reliability to each and every client, regardless of their age. Our seasoned drivers are very professional and rest assured will take you to a venue where an event takes place without having to worry about anything except for having a good time.

In addition, we offer a plethora of top-notch vehicles that radiate glamor, classiness and comfort. Check out our offer of elegant stretch limos, party buses and powerful vans if you are looking for a top solution both for you and a group of chosen friends and get ready to experience the homecoming fun on a whole different level. Some of our models can easily accommodate up to 20 passengers, offering many additional conveniences such as WIFI, power outlets, TV-DVD, Bluetooth, light systems, wet bars and so much more.

We offer only a high-end service with a reliable charging system, meaning there are no hidden expenses or room for any surprises whatsoever.  What is more, the client is entirely familiar with the details of the service before it starts. There is no hazard of crossing the limit of a desired budget, which altogether makes us a pocket-friendly, optimal solution for everyone in search of an affordable homecoming limousine service in Gainesville. Contact us today and request a quote!