Travel from Florida to Massachusetts hassle-free

Letting someone take you to a long drive like this is a matter of trust and reliability. Proven to provide both, we are a team that can take you as far as you need to go. So, for whatever reason you are going on this trip, let us take you there safely and easily. We are always content to see our customers happy and satisfied. Our team designs a detailed plan of your 20 hours long trip making sure that the time spent with us is as joyful as possible.

Our reliable transportation is suitable for everyone – solo travelers, couples, families, friends, or small groups. When you are making a reservation, among our fleet you can find a suitable vehicle, mark your desired destination and number of passengers, pack up and the rest is up to us. We wait for you at any point in Florida taking you to Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, or any other place in Massachusetts you need to be.


Our fleet is ready to satisfy all of your high demands. If you prefer a classy and refined sedan, choose between Lincoln, Mercedes Grand, or Cadillac. If you are traveling with more than 3 people, or you simply like solid and sizable SUVs, we offer a choice of Lincolns and Cadillacs, too. Our limos are fully prepared for a long drive – WiFi, iPhone charger, DVD player, laptop desk, and cozy heated leather seats. As you can easily imagine, numerous hours can pass unnoticeably while you and your family are having a great time. Or you want to relax completely and enjoy the peace that many of us crave for.

Solo or with family, we promise a safe and stable drive from Florida to Massachusetts. Prepare yourself for a monumental 21 hours drive from Miami to Boston with stops and breaks along the way. Expect a little shorter ride if you are a student headed from Orlando, Miami, or maybe Tallahassee to Cambridge for a brand new semester at some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S. We bring you anywhere you need to be in time and in a great mood! Another way to stay in good spirits is by providing an affordable ride so make sure to check out our discount and more here.


When it comes to our drivers, you are truly in great hands. A person behind the wheel who is taking you far away from home is a highly-trained and immensely professional individual. Ready to assist you with anything you need, our drivers are the best travel companions you can have. Depending on your preferences, you can rest the whole time while your kids are watching DVD movies from our selection. Or even better, pack their favorite superhero movies to make sure they are having a good time!

A lot of times, our clients wanted suggestions and help when it came to organizing the whole trip. According to your requirements, together we can plan an almost precise travel schedule making sure to always think about possible surprises along the way. Our priority is to think about your precious time, so we are always one step ahead.


Whenever you need us, we are at your full disposal. Your perfect long-distance transportation solution is just a few clicks away. We made the booking process pretty simple – follow the form step-by-step and in a few minutes, you are done. If you like to talk to us directly, give us a call right now at (352) 229-8758 and we will answer all your questions. Also, feel free to write to us at contact@tirstfloridalimo.com or in the chat box on our website!