Enjoy a long-distance ride from Florida to Oklahoma in a comfortable limousine

For a lot of people, driving for more than 1,250 miles without a sleepover sounds like an almost impossible task. That’s why the majority choose to take a plane. But what if you don’t want to fly for some reason and you want to stay on the ground? That is not such a rare scenario since we have traveled for miles with our clients.

We provide a super safe high-quality ride for you and your loved ones. While with us, you can easily relax and turn to your driver for any assistance you might need. We can help you plan your trip in detail. It is expected to have more or less stops on our long quest or maybe to even visit some attractions along the way. We can arrange it all together and make this trip memorable.


From Florida to Oklahoma by land, you will spend almost a whole day in our vehicle. We made sure that the only 4-wheelers we have in our offer are the best of the best. Depending on whether you are traveling by yourself, with your family or a small group, we have a perfect limo selection for you. 

In our fleet, you can find Lincoln and Cadillac SUVs and sedans, alongside Mercedes Grand sedan and Cadillac Escalade Limo. As you can see, all of the vehicles are suitable for extremely long distances and they guarantee comfort and safety. You can stay connected using WiFi and Bluetooth while your kids enjoy watching cartoons on a DVD player. We have a whole team of professionals who are making sure that our cars are perfectly maintained, thoroughly cleaned, and sanitized regularly. No exceptions. Another team that is crucial when it comes to providing superior service is our chauffeur crew. 

Every single one of them is a highly qualified and competent professional with the ambition to provide the finest and most satisfying ride. Every time. Since you will pass over 1,300 miles together, our drivers are perfectly capable of adapting the style, atmosphere, and speed of the drive according to your mood. If you are a solo traveler and you want to have a peaceful and private ride, there is no need to be worried that you will be bothered or disturbed.


Distance from Miami to Tulsa is 1,445 miles or around 21 hours of driving. Sounds like a trip that you should carefully plan. In truth, you should just pack your bags and share all the travel details with our agents when booking and you are good to go!

What if you have to be in a meeting in Oklahoma City and your starting point is Orlando? You could count on an approximately 19 hours drive with stops that are specified by you or our team. We always check road conditions and find alternative routes if needed, so with us, you can always count that you will be on time. If you need a ride for your family from Jacksonville to Oklahoma City and you are worried about how the kids will endure the 17 hours drive? Our drivers will make sure to stop whenever needed making the tiresome ride more of an exciting excursion.


Our transportation service with our customer support agent is available to you 24/7! Book your ride now by filling an online form on our website www.firstfloridalimo.com  or if you prefer talking to us, do not wait and give us a call now on (352) 229-8758. Ask us anything via our chat box in the bottom right corner or write to us!