Looking for private transportation from Florida to Alabama? We can help

We are getting really comfortable with driving long distances. Especially when we realized that that’s the way we immensely help a lot of people. We concluded that many travelers don’t like to fly and spend a significant amount of time in crowded airports. Because of them, we provide our remarkably reliable service. Each time.

From Florida to Alabama, together we will pass around 570 miles spending roughly 9 hours on the road. Do not be anxious, we take breaks whenever you want and need. It is our concern to make your long-distance ride as pleasant and solid as possible.


Wherever in Florida is your starting point, we can be there. Since you are giving us your confidence, we repay by giving you our finest service. What does it consist of? Firstly, we present to you our magnificent fleet. According to the number of passengers, we offer exquisite sedans or mighty SUVs of first-class brands like Lincoln, Mercedes, and Cadillac.

Our chauffeur waits for you at the pre-arranged location accommodating you to the vehicle of your choice and possibly helping you with the luggage. And from that point, our journey begins. Depending on the number and preferences of the passengers, our skillful drivers adapt to the general mood in the vehicle. You can expect our drivers to be as discreet or present as you need.

Also, each vehicle is fully prepared for an anticipated long drive – WiFi, DVD player, mobile charger and heated smooth leather seats make the trip easily enjoyable for everyone. Because we care about your safety as much as you do, our vehicles are carefully prepared for each ride. They are meticulously cleaned, sanitized, and always kept in perfect technical condition by a dedicated team, so we can all just relax and enjoy the ride.


Finally, wherever in Alabama is your targeted location, we drive you there. Do you want to go from Miami to Huntsville which is the northernmost major city in Alabama? Get ready to be amazed that a 12 hours long drive can be an enjoyable and delightful experience.

Even if you are traveling with your family, do not worry about long and exhausting hours that especially the kids might find intolerable, we got your back!  Together we carefully pick the best points for stops, longer breaks, or even hour-long pauses if needed. Your ride is entirely customized to suit you and your fellow travelers.

It sounds pretty convenient to have a private chauffeur driving you from state to state. But that must be seriously expensive, right? Not really. Firstly, we decided to make our new customers happy by giving a 10% discount on a first return trip. Our regulars know very well that we like being generous, so for them, we always prepare special coupon codes. Your trust and loyalty are appreciated the most in our company. So if you used our service at least once, you can get a Recommendation Code and share it with a friend. Once your friend uses the code, you will get a 5% discount on your next ride with us.


We are always delighted to stress out that our service is available 24/7. Whenever you need us, we are here! Our agents can help you plan the whole trip with every stop that you wish for.

Make a booking easily by filling out the form on our website or give us a call right now at (352) 229-8758. For additional info, visit our website www.firstfloridalimo.com. Feel free to ask us anything through our chatbox or via e-mail contact@firstfloridalimo.com!