Jacksonville to Memphis or Orlando to Chattanooga – we can take you anywhere

Interstate 75 is one of the longest highways in the U.S. stretching from southern Florida to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Starting from Florida, passing through the wonderful and picturesque Georgia, and finally, getting to the State of Tennessee is a 710 miles drive. No matter if you are going there to eat some barbecue with your family or to conclude some major business deal, we can take you on this trip. We take you to Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, magical Chattanooga, or others from any location in Florida. Read more below about our finest service and let yourself be amazed by checking our special offer here!



When traveling a long way from home, you want to feel completely calm and comfortable. It doesn’t matter what kind of traveler you are, your safety is your and our top priority. That is why among our proposed vehicle offers, you can find the finest high-quality vehicles. Make your ride with us personalized by choosing your favorite sedans and SUVs made by Lincoln, Cadillac, and Mercedes. You can’t make mistakes, you can just indulge your desires to the maximum.

Each vehicle is furnished with heated leather seats that take comfort to the next level. We take as many stops as needed for stretching your back and legs, but more legroom in the vehicle is very convenient when traveling for more than 10 hours. Usual gadgets that luxurious and modern limos have are at your full disposal – WiFi, iPhone Charger, Bluetooth, DVD player where you and your family can enjoy some home-like atmosphere.

Except for providing a polished and hassle-free ride, our drivers are always prepared to help you with anything you need. All of them are very experienced and skilled professionals so you can be sure that you and your loved ones are perfectly well taken care of. We have a team of trained staff that is taking care of the cleanliness and maintenance of the vehicles. Every vehicle is sanitized, washed, cleaned, and carefully examined before leaving our company. Among other things, perfect hygiene and tidiness are the starting point of every drive we provide.


Your task is to pick a starting and an ending point, a vehicle, and possible travel companions, and we are good to go. Tell us where you are in Florida and we are coming directly to the address. Miami to Nashville? No problem. Our team calculates arrival time, possible obstacles on the way, break spots – shorter or longer, as needed, and everything else that you and we find crucial on this 13-hour drive.

Jacksonville to Memphis – the birthplace of blues and rock’n’roll, Orlando to Chattanooga and its spectacular Lookout Mountain? We literally mean anywhere. So for whatever reason you need to be there, we will gladly join you in your voyage. Do not worry about being on time, we know perfectly well how important it is to be punctual. That is a part of our daily routine!


Being able to provide the best possible service 24/7, 365 days a year is our company’s ultimate purpose. 

You can make a booking right now by filling up a short online form. Once you share all the necessary details with us, we are completely at your service. Our agents can help you with anything – from selecting the most appropriate vehicle to finding the most interesting places for a short rest.

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