Comfortable long-distance transportation for any group size

Whenever you are planning a cross-country trip, you can count on our reliable long-distance transportation service. With us by your side, you will reach your destination stress-free, and completely relaxed knowing that a team of professionals is in charge of providing a safe and on-time ride you will enjoy.

For many people, traveling by car is a way to go, and for anyone who plans to go from Florida to any part of New York or New Jersey, our limo service is at your disposal. We will take care of every aspect of your journey, making sure to deliver a ride tailored to all your needs.

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of people, for work or leisure, we’ve got you covered. We will do our best so you can have everything you need every step of the way, and since we are committed to each of our clients 100% you can expect to get nothing less than a perfect ride you will love.


Choosing ground transportation over flying is usually more convenient. You will not have to deal with airport hassle or waiting in lines, and most importantly, you will be able to travel anytime you like. Since we operate 24/7, we can pick you up whenever you want and set off to your final destination. Our team will organize an entire journey in great detail, making sure you are traveling at your own pace.

One of our uniformed chauffeurs will be in charge of driving, and he will always use only the quickest routes so you can avoid any unnecessary stops. The ride from Florida to your desired location in NY or NJ may last up to 17 hours, and with one of our skilled and polite drivers, that time will fly by, and you will have an unforgettable riding experience.

If you want to have more than one stop, we can make that happen. All you need to do is to share with us all the details about your itinerary in advance, and we will deliver the finest limo service accordingly. We will give our best to make your journey as pleasant as possible, and in the back seat of one of our luxury vehicles, you will have all the freedom you want.


Our fleet of vehicles is carefully designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding passengers and we have cars that can fit any sized group. So, whether you are traveling alone or accompanied by your friends and family, you will for sure find a vehicle that suits you perfectly. When making a reservation, you can choose between our elegant sedans and SUVs, which are the perfect choice for families and business people. For big groups, we suggest choosing our vans, so you can have much-needed additional space.

Each car is in excellent condition and it includes amenities such as leather seats, DVD players, A/C, and free Wi-Fi. During the ride, you will be completely relaxed, and each traveler will feel equally cozy. In case you are traveling with your kids, don’t forget to mention that, since child seats are available upon request. Your safety is our number one priority, and we will do our best to provide you with top-notch limo service.

Even if you have any special demands, feel free to share them with us, because we will try to cater to all your needs. We are fully aware that long trips can sometimes be very exhausting, and it is our goal to make your journey from Florida to NY or NJ more bearable and interesting.


As soon as you start planning your trip, get in touch with us and book one of our superb vehicles ahead of time. We are one of the leading transportation companies in the area, and we are a perfect choice for anyone searching for long-distance limo service of premium quality. We will be there to make your 17-hour-long journey memorable.

It is very easy to secure one of our cars, and you can do that by simply filling in an online form, and on short notice, you will receive the quote. If you still have any questions, you can also give us a call and have a chat with one of our knowledgeable agents that work around the clock, including weekends and holidays.

We have been providing this type of transportation for so many of our satisfied clients, and we are looking forward to doing the same for you. We are here to drive you to your destination safe and sound, so book our limo service today and we will deliver an easygoing ride you will enjoy.